What Is Special About Aboriginal Dot Painting?

The Aboriginal Art Dot paintings are very popular among the international fans . The dot paintings are popular for their simplicity and style. The dots appear eye-catching and impressive addition for the painting. Arranged in different patterns they create astonishing pieces of art. Besides this, the painter is able to use the patterns created with dots to convey special meanings and messages. These aesthetic creations can share a number of messages and meanings. Some of the sacred secret messages were also shared with the help of the dot paintings in the past. The paintings portray deep and untold meanings. Different viewers try to interpret the meanings differently based on their personal perceptions.

The early dot paintings were made out of the soil that was smoothly laid on the surface to create a peculiar design. These creations were further used for the sake of decorating the ceremonies and festivals. A very fascinating version of the dot painting is the body painting in which the dots were used to accentuate the basic features. The main purpose of using the dots was to hide the important messages from the white who were pouring in their country.

Inspired by the early form of the dot painting, the proper dot paintings were started back in 1971. It all happened four decades ago. The dot paintings were popularized by an art teacher Geoffrey Brandon. While teaching arts to his young student he started getting inspired by the stories told by the Aboriginal people. He decided to give them a visual impression and so created astounding masterpieces. His first venture was the murals on the walls of the school where he was teaching. He motivated his students to make use of the dreaming that are integral to their tradition. After the walls, he asked them to switch to the walls and the boards. In this way, he was able to make many traditional stories alive on the boards using the dot painting technique.

The dot painting is also the foundation of the Papunya Tula Art Movement. In this way, the grains of sand used to create stories moved onto the canvas to create the world-famous masterpieces with the dot painting technique. 

Dot paintings are unique as they make use of special colours and shoes. The early shades were that of red, black, white and yellow. Mostly these colours were created out of the charcoal and the ochre. The contemporary dot maintaining has the acrylic medium in them too. The dot paintings consist of circles, dots, spirals and lines.  These shapes are beautifully added to the painting to give the 3D look to the painting.

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